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College of Coastal Georgia-2016-Adult Learners/Non-traditional Students/GBMA

Demonstration of Priority and/or Impact: 

In an attempt to encourage greater access and post-secondary participation and baccalaureate degree obtainment, the College of Coastal Georgia has created two streamlined pathways of access to ease admission and the transition to entering a degree program. These pathways are designed for all students who have graduated high school or earned a GED but have little or no prior college experience and/or are returning to college after being away several years.

The College of Coastal Georgia is committed to reducing the hurdles for students, particularly those that have self-efficacy and test anxiety by streamlining and simplifying the admissions process and assisting students to overcome initial testing hurdles. By creating a short application process and basing Mathematics and Reading/Writing placement on classroom achievement, one-on-one advising, and guided choice, students are able to build their self-efficacy and academic confidence to eventually lead to degree obtainment and success.

Summary of Activities: 

Established a personalized enrollment pathway for adult learners.  Each student now jointly works with his/her admissions counselor and academic advisor to develop an enrollment pathway. This enrollment plan begins with a counseling session with an adult learner admissions counselor that outlines all possible pathways to establish successful academic and financial plans. The student finishes with a meeting with the academic advisor to work on placement and the first semester schedule.

Metrics and Measures: 

Measure, metric, or data element

Preliminary metric associated with access for this traditionally underserved population: Enrollment yield for non-traditional age students (25 and older)

Baseline measures

30.3% (91 out of 300 total applicants enrolled). (fall 13, 14, and 15 combined)

Interim Measures of Progress

The development of this new Adult Learner Pathway has resulted in a substantial increase of registered adult learners. For fall 2016, the number of registered students increased from 29 to 52, a 79.3% increase from the fall 2015.

Measures of Success

Enrollment yield increased to 36.1% (52/144)

Lessons Learned: 

New approaches and pilots will often result in the disruption of long established traditions and protocols of advising. The College is already experiencing the implications of the new pathways on enrollment trends and now it needs to carefully monitor the efficacy of the pathway and how well students are progressing through the gateway courses.

Adult Learner Pathway: Increase access and completion for adult learners
Point of Contact: 
Jason Umpress, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Contact email: