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Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Across all disciplines, Atlanta Metro – a four-year institution – seeks to cultivate within its students a knowledge-base and repertoire of skills for success upon transfer and in a competitive workplace; a habit of informed, critical thinking; and a strong sense of personal and collective responsibility. Matriculation at Atlanta Metropolitan State College enables students to assume their roles as competent, reflective and socially conscious citizen-thinkers.

Atlanta Metropolitan State College-2015--Financial Aid Interventions, -Tracking Student Success (DegreeWorks), -Early Alerts, -Financial Risk Alerts, -Program Maps

Provide proactive, intrusive academic advising to keep students on track to graduate through: Reducing Errors in Course Selection; Reducing Major/Program of Study Changes; Improving Academic Performance; Sustaining SAP Requirements and Retaining Financial Aid Funding; and Providing Early Academic Support for Students



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