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CCG Strategy Survey 2017

2017 CCG Stategy Survey opens April 19.

In order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the work that institutions do toward college completion, a campus strategy survey accompanies the narrative update on CCG activities.  The strategy survey is an opportunity for institutions to indicate each strategy that they are pursuing or have pursued in the past year, allowing them to focus more in depth on those that are of the greatest impact and priority on their campus in their narrative comments. 

The survey for 2017 builds on general pattern from previous years, clustering activities by CCG strategy and goal. Campuses are asked to indicate which of the strategies they are engaged in; there is not expectation that any campus will undertake activities across all areas. 

Mulltiple respondents from the same institution can (and likely will) complete the survey.  The username and password you recieved for your institution should be shared with whoever needs to complete sections of the survey.  Please direct login questions to Jonathan Hull. You can save a draft of your survey at any point and return to it to complete it; incomplete survey's without activity for more than 3 days may not be retained, however.