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University of West Georgia-2015--MOWR/Dual Enrollment/Joint Enrollment program


In Fall 2014, President Kyle Marrero convened key stakeholders from our region to discuss and commit to an ongoing partnership to improve long-term educational and economic outcomes. The partnership formalized itself as the Carrollton City and Carroll County Education Collaborative (CCEC), with membership representing the University of West Georgia, West Georgia Technical College, Chamber of Commerce, Carrollton City and Carroll County PK-12 School Systems, and Oak Mountain Academy (local private PK-12 school). Dual enrollment is one of the major initiatives supported by this partnership.

The Dual Enrollment Committee (subsequently formed as a subcommittee of the CCEC) defined strategies to promote dual enrollment as a viable and beneficial option for local high school students. The collaborative venture worked with UWG, e-Core, West Georgia Technical College, and local high schools throughout 2014-2015. Results of their work include the following:

  • Additional options for high school students, particularly those who live in Coweta County, will be available in Fall 2015 at the new Newnan Center facility (the community’s ‘old hospital’), slated to open in August 2015. The Dual Enrollment Committee worked closely with the Newnan Center staff throughout Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 in anticipation of this grand opening.
  • The Dual Enrollment Committee – in collaboration with local superintendents, high school principals, curriculum directors, and secondary guidance counselors – identified tactics to help high school students take advantage of dual enrollment opportunities. These tactics included (1) scheduling options (morning or afternoon class schedules), (2) early planning by UWG and WGTC to provide listings of course offerings for the coming academic year, and (3) identifying a single point of contact on the college campus to help with admissions, financial aid, and advising. UWG provided this single point person through hiring a Pre-College Program Coordinator, which is a new position for our institution.
  • UWG partnered with the USG e-Core to promote online options for high school students. eCore benefits those students whose complicated schedules do not allow them to take advantage of face-to-face college courses; it is also an attractive option for students without transportation.

As of July 24, 2015, Fall 2015 applications for Dual Enrollment (exclusive of the Advanced Academy) are up 97% over Fall 2014 (353 compared to 179 last year). Early enrollment numbers for Fall 2015 are also ahead.