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Meta-majors/learning communities

University of Georgia-[node:field-date:custom:Y]--Meta-majors/learning communities, -Open Educational Resources, -Flipped Classrooms, Other/Undefined

Provide both a range of high impact curricular opportunities, including service learning, undergraduate research, study abroad, internships, a first-year experience, and learning communities, and additional resources such as supplemental instruction, flipped classrooms, and open educational resources to promote student success

Georgia State University-[node:field-date:custom:Y]--Block Schedules, -Meta-majors/learning communities

Requiring all students to choose a meta-major puts students on a path to degree that allows for flexibility in future specialization in a particular program of study, while also ensuring the applicability of early course credits to their final majors.  Implemented in conjunction with major maps, block scheduling, and freshman learning communities, meta-majors provide clarity and direction in what would otherwise be a confusing and unstructured registration process.

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