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LS Statistics Course Number and Description

The established common course number for the corequisite course is MATH 0996 or STAT 0996 depending on whether the institution is using the MATH or STAT prefix for the statistics course. The details (for your catalog) are as follows:

MATH or STAT 0996 Support for Elementary Statistics (1-3 institutional credit hours)

Prerequisites: None

Corequisite: MATH or STAT 1401 Elementary Statistics

Description: This Learning Support course provides corequisite support for students enrolled in MATH or STAT 1401 – Elementary Statistics. Topics will parallel topics being studied in MATH/STAT 1401 and the course will provide support for the essential skills needed to be successful in MATH/STAT 1401. Taken with MATH/STAT 1401, topics to be covered will include descriptive statistics, probability theory, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and other selected statistics topics.


Additionally the outline for Elementary Statistics is available here: