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Student Success Library

The University System of Georgia has documented much of the work undertaken as part of Complete College Georgia and Momentum. These reports and resources offer a glimpse into the research, experience, and background of how Georgia's institutions have approached and implemented a comprehensive improvement model. 

This library includes USG institution's original Completion plans and their annual updates since 2014 as well as technical briefs and reports drawn from the work undertaken across the state. 

Research and Reports

The state’s 26 public universities and colleges comprise the University System of Georgia (USG), and these institutions represent a student population of more than 340,000. Ranging from open access institutions to highly selective research universities, the USG has completed a three-year transition to the co-requisite model of developmental education in both English and mathematics impacting more than 26,000 student course enrollments.

The USG has completed a transition to full implementation of the co-requisite model of developmental education in both English and mathematics. In implementing this scaling effort, while there was an overall design structure which all institutions used, there was also considerable flexibility about the use of instructors, the composition of the classes and the numbers of credit hours required. This technical brief will present the results of a detailed analysis of these approaches, making clear which combinations of strategies prove most and least beneficial in co-requisite English and in mathematics.

This memo describes the momentum course load analysis with updated momentum categories as well as an exploration of course load combinations in the first year. This analysis is modeled after Belfield, Jenkins, and Lahr (2016).

Campus Plan Updates

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