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CCG Campus Updates for 2017

Each year, Institutions across the University System of Georgia report on their progress toward meeting the governor's college attainment goals for the state.  Georgia’s colleges and universities provide a wide range of programs to meet the state’s diverse needs, each tailored to their insitutional mission and student body profile.  Institutions are asked to assess their progress on their highest priority, highest impoact work in the spirit of communicating promising practices across the state.

The report for each institution highlights the diversity of challenges and innovation that continues to mark Gerogia as a national leader in supporting students as they work toward their college aspirations. Among the highlights from 2015-2016 are the significant strides institutions have made to advance the academic progress of students with learning support needs, the increasing focus on advising and analytics to inform student decisionmaking, and the growth of the Move on when Ready Program.  This year's updates underscore insitution's commitments to using data to measure their progress and make adjustments as they go. As illustrated in the report, the institutions of the University System of Georgia in partnership with the Technical College System of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Education, and the state's private colleges and universities, are addressing the needs of Georgia's citizens and businesses to be competitive and strong.  

The entire report for the University System is available here