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Statistics Pathway Timeline

March 2019

Initial Invitation for prototype institutions

May 16, 2019

Initial webinar (slides)

May 20, 2019

Institutional coordinators for Statistics Pathway identified and submitted to

Summer/Fall 2019

Identify programs for statistics pathways

August 28, 2019

Corequisite Statistics Learning Support Overview Webinar with Dana Center

Fall Term 2019

Institutions that have gained approval and are ready to offer MATH/STAT 1401 may begin enrolling students in pilot Elementary Statistics sections that will count in Area A2. Students with Learning Support requirements in mathematics may not be enrolled in these sections unless the institution has already developed Corequisite Learning Support for MATH/STAT 1401.

September 13

Area D workshop (USG System Office )

September-October 2019

Collect information on statistics courses and corequisite models on your campus

October 11, 2019

Corequisite Learning Support Workshop (with Dana Center) at Middle Georgia State University

October-December 2019

Corequisite Learning Support courses under development

November 12, 2019

Statistics pathways programs submitted to System Office and shared with other institutions

December 2019

Institutional Check-ins (virtually)

Spring 2020

Institutions can pilot the Corequisite Statistics course; Non-LS students can be in Statistics in Area A2

Summer 2020

Review of Learning Support Statistics pilot

Fall 2020

Full implementation of prototype (corequisite learning support, pathways, advising)

Spring 2021

Systemwide review of statistics prototype