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CORE-Concurrent First-Year Curriculum (Georgia Southern University-2023)

Strategy/Project Name: 
CORE-Concurrent First-Year Curriculum
Momentum Area: 
Strategy/Project Description: 

Over the past year, the Office of First and Second Year Experience in collaboration with the First and Second Year Advisory Team, Office of Career and Professional Development, and the Office of Global Engagement redesigned course content for CORE 2000 to move the course to a co-requisite model for Core courses to better focus on elements of Inform, Discern, & Affirm, reflections on academic mindset, challenges to perseverance, and highlight the importance of transitions through college (rather than just into college—i.e., meaningful choices in majors, minors, co-curricular engagements, and the like); to bring the course into alignment with university Core Area B global competencies; and embed career readiness and career competencies across these first-year courses. This transition along with intentional integration of the university’s Eagle Experience initiative for first-year transition programming helped to create a holistic first year experience. 

Activity Status: 
Evaluation/Assessment plan: 

Evaluation Plan and measures: Following previous Assessment findings on ineffective modeling, course has been redesigned and new program assessments established to align with the University’s mission and Core area designations.

Baseline measure: Implementation

Goal or targets: 85% bottleneck reduction.

Time period/duration: Spring 2023.

Progress and Adjustments: 

100% bottlenecks removed. Last upperclassmen in CORE 2000 will complete in Fall 2023.

Plan for the Year Ahead: 

Developing further departmental involvement in course delivery.  Exploring term-to-term cohorts for target populations.

Challenges and Support: 

Faculty participation in course delivery

Primary Contact: 
Brenda Richardson, Director of First-Year Experience