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Georgia Southern University-[node:field-date:custom:Y]-Advising, -Tracking Student Success (DegreeWorks), -Entirely Online Courses

Strategy/Project Description: 

The following activities were implemented (or already in place) to encourage students to increase their credit load per semester:

  • Used Degree Works to track student progress, advise them of their time to completion, show the consequences of changing their major or delaying graduation, show their likelihood of gaining enrollment in certain programs (e.g., Nursing, Engineering)
  • Provided one-on-one counseling, both at registration times and at the SOAR new student orientation/registration sessions, to students (and parents) regarding the cost of taking fewer than 15 credits per semester,
  • Instituted an aggressive summer registration marketing and enrollment plan which included: 1) advisors contacting students directly and through injection pages on the University website which presented mandatory surveys of students’ plans for the summer; 2) advertising in multi-media forms; 3) mailing letters to students at their home residences; 4) increasing the number of online courses and available seats in on-campus courses