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Learning Support (Georgia Southern University-2023)

Strategy/Project Name: 
Learning Support
Momentum Area: 
Data & Communications
Strategy/Project Description: 

Learning support program

Activity Status: 
Evaluation/Assessment plan: 

Evaluation Plan and measures: Track LS area and align with student data to identify trends in student barriers or instruction issues.

Baseline measure: Students who successfully exit LS courses on the first attempt, completion of the courses within their first 30 credit hours.

Goal or targets: Increase 1st LS attempt success by 10%.

Time period/duration: Academic Year.

Progress and Adjustments: 
  • Streamlined reporting processes 
  • Started orientation for LS 
  • Streamlining SOAR registration process with advising 
Plan for the Year Ahead: 

Work with advisement on streamlining LS student registration process from student facing side; using data to inform decisions and to learn more about LS population for more intentional approaches; review “SOAR in 4” mentality as it applies to LS students

Challenges and Support: 

No current data

Primary Contact: 
Malerie Payne, Academic Success Associate Director