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Momentum Approach Development Plan Overview

The Momentum Approach shifts the Momentum Year paradigm to encompass the full lifecycle of the student and scope of the institution. Momentum Approaches may integrating functions and strategies from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Finance and Operations, and beyond.  For the 2019 Momentum Approach Proposals institutions were asked at the Momentum Summit II to reflect upon the broad scope of work that supports students that enables them to:

  • Deepen purposeful choices,
  • Cultivate productive Academic Mindsets
  • Maintain full momentum along a Clear Pathway
  • Heighten academic engagement; and
  • Complete critical milestones

Using the participant responses from the Summit workshops on purpose, transparent pathways, and mindset from your institution as a starting point, institutions should develop a list of activities that support meaningful change on your campus using a Momentum framework.  From this foundation, institutions should identify work that aligns with strategic planning and integrates Momentum across units and departments of the institution. 

Proposals should develop a plan of action that is specific, measurable, and time-limited. Your proposals can feature multiple elements (e.g., career services integration into advising at multiple levels) or a comprehensive approach to making the work on your campus more coherent (e.g., multi-unit integration of connecting students with productive mindset activities across the curriculum and over multiple years). 

The plan outline, below and provided as a separate file, should be your template for your plan submission.  Plans will be reviewed by System staff for broader discussion and dissemination and will serve as a point of discussion at this summer’s joint RACAA/RACSA meeting. 

Please submit your proposal as a Microsoft Word file to by June 15, 2019. 

Questions: Jonathan Watts Hull (; 404-92-3129)

Plan Template (MS Word) Overview Webinar