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Peer Mentor Program (Georgia Southern University-2023)

Strategy/Project Name: 
Peer Mentor Program
Momentum Area: 
Strategy/Project Description: 

Peer Mentor Program: students (mentees) meet 1:1, weekly, with upperclassmen (Mentors) through this student success program. Additionally, students are invited to attend program-facilitated events related to program pillars (self-efficacy; academic success; cultural competence).

Activity Status: 
Evaluation/Assessment plan: 

Evaluation Plan and measures: On a semester and annual basis, we look at mentee signups, mentee drops, mentee engagement, student demographics, etc.

Baseline measure: 1% of total population enrolled in 1:1 mentoring.

Goal or targets: Increase events (virtual and live) by 10% to reach >1% of the total population.

Time period/duration: Academic Year.

Progress and Adjustments: 

Current and future: partnerships and service expansion in collaboration with internal and external to the department units; growth in mentee signups; increase in mentee engagement; identify additional ways to assess program effectiveness and programmatic outcomes; scaling services across campuses.

Plan for the Year Ahead: 

Continue with growth in mentee signups; continue with growth in mentee engagement; connect with IR to continue to monitor Mentor/Mentee retention rates.

Challenges and Support: 

We continue to explore the target groups for this program and work together with other mentor programs and student support initiatives to assist students through and beyond their transition to the University.  This program is exploring the incorporation of Supplemental Instruction.

Primary Contact: 
Jessica Williamson, Assistant Vice President of Student Success and Academic Support Services