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CCG Campus Plans 2020 Updates


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Overview Webinar:

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Updates Timeline

May 8
Campus Plan Updates instructions released
May 14
Campus Plan Updates webinar
May 22
Strategy Survey Available
June 26
Validated Data distributed to Campuses
August 7 August 31
Strategy Survey Closes
October 30
Update reports due to System Office
December 1
Reports released

The Momentum/CCG Campus Plan Updates provide an opportunity for your institution to reflect on your past work and plan for next steps to drive student success. Updates are living documents rooted in your institutional mission and student body profile and reflective of the work that will most impact your goals for improved student success and completion.  For 2020, the Updates will reflect the overarching Momentum framework to better support integration of ongoing work into the Momentum Planning that institutions have engaged in.  It is our intention for updates to be a part of the campus planning process that helps to identify success and challenges and communicates these to peers at institutions across the University System. 
For 2020, the Campus Plan Updates retain much of the reporting structure from the previous years.  The 2020 update has two parts:  

  • an online strategy survey for institutions to indicate the activities that they have pursued globally, and 
  • a narrative report for a more detailed discussion of the top priority Momentum work and progress over the past year.   

Together these elements will help to paint a comprehensive picture of the varied and productive work in place on our campuses. 

Campus Plan Updates are reviews of work completed in the 2019-2020 academic year.  They are intentionally retrospective, offering a point in time to reflect on previous success and opportunities for advancement.  Updates also provide a window into the direction of your work in the year ahead. 

Campus Plan Components

NEW FOR 2020

What's New for 2020

part 1


part 2


part 3



  • Campus Plan Update Structure
  • The Template is Back!
  • CCG Data and Data Visualizations
  • Updated Strategy Survey
  • COVID-19 Adjustments to Momentum Work

Campus Plan Update Structure

The 2020, Narrative Updates are organized around the Momentum Framework that aligns institutional planning and reporting. The reports feature a new section on your institutional approach to change to help us better understand your work and the ways in which the System Office can support and facilitate change on your campus. This new section seeks to gauge the impact of student success practices beyond academics and instruction.

The 2020 updates are also our midpoint check in on the work from the Momentum Summit III, and it goes without saying that a few things may have changed with regard to the work your institutional team planned out for the year(s) ahead. Please let us know what has been accomplished, what is on track, what is in the works, and what will need to be put on hold for this work.

The Template is Back!

Institutions are invited to use the template provided to create your report. The template provides additional guidance on the elements that are most critical for the Updates and helps to ensure a consistent report across institutions.

Download the template (.docx)

CCG Data & Data Visualizations

For 2017 and 2018, and 2019 the System Office provided institutions with data workbooks from the Academic Data Collection across a range of common indicators to supplement institutional reporting. For 2020, the System is providing a subset of these as data visualizations in Qlik and other elements as a data file. Data in the Qlik apps can also be downloaded for further local analysis. It is hoped that the data visualizations will allow you to investigate your institution’s status and progress and share this across your campus in a more readily digestible form. The data visualizations are available to Qlik certificate holders at your institution. We have attempted to make sure that the CCG/Momentum point of contact for each institution has a Qlik license, but if this is not the case, please let us know.

Updated Strategy Survey

The Strategy Survey is updated for 2020, with more targeted questions about your work, and some elements retired from the previous years. The survey is an important view into the work on your campus, and we hope to make it as comprehensive as possible. If there are significant areas of work that are not reflected in the survey that you feel should be, please let us know.

COVID-19 Adjustments to Momentum Work

The Updates ask about any changes to your Momentum Year/Momentum Approach plans as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This element mirrors a question in the Fall 2020 Return to Campus Plans institutions were asked to develop and submit to the System Office, and your responses should be similar (if not identical. If you want to include more detail from your experiences subsequent to the creation of the return to instruction plan, please feel free to do so.



This brief survey is an opportunity for you to identify all of the high-impact strategies you are pursuing.  This first part of the update report enables the System Office to collect aggregate information about strategies that are being used across the.  The survey is available online at beginning May 22.   The survey has been streamlined from previous years, although some new elements related to the COVID-19 pandemic and continuity of instruction has been added.  The survey requires an institutional login which will be sent to the campus “editor” when the survey opens. Credentials can be shared across campus to provide opportunity for different departments to complete sections. The survey can be saved, closed and revisited prior to reviewing and submitting your response.  


The 2020 status report features the summary of your work that represents our collective public record of progress on student success: Your Institutional Profile; Improvement Practices; Momentum Strategy Updates and Momentum Approach Work; and your student success and completion team. 

Reports should include your institutional profile, your improvement practices, a summary of your high impact, high priority Momentum strategies, including a general description of the activity, a summary of activities undertaken in the 2019-2020 academic year and their results, and any lessons you have learned about this activity this year.  Your update may be structured in a manner similar to previous years if that is most convenient, but you are equally invited to report in a fashion that supports your internal needs.   

To support your reporting, we ask institutions to use the included template for the reports.

Section 1.    Institutional Mission and Student Body Profile

Provide a brief overview of your institutional mission and student body profile.  Please briefly describe enrollment trends, demographics (for example, % Pell grant-eligible, % first-generation college students, % adult learners), and how your institutional mission influences your completion work’s key priorities. 

Section 2: Improvement Practices

Process & Observations

Discuss the improvement practices that your institution has set up to remove or lessen the structural and motivational obstacles that students face and to improve the outcomes for your campus.  In this narrative, please indicate who is involved in your planning and decision-making, the data you use to make decisions, how this data is disaggregated and shared to support decision-making, and what additional information from the University System Office would be helpful.

In this section, describe the areas in which the data indicate you have done well and those where you want to focus an improvement plan in the year ahead.  In addition to aggregate successes, what areas of your work do the data indicate you are closing equity gaps and for which areas do these gaps persist?

Section 3. Momentum Update: Observations and Next Steps

Section 3.1 Existing Momentum Work  

Most of your ongoing CCG strategies should align with the Momentum framework.  For each area of Momentum (Purpose, Pathways and Mindset), provide a general overview and description of the work your institution has undertaken this past year, the results or outcomes of this work, your long-term goal for this strategy and any observations of lessons you have learned about this activity this year. 

In this section, reference your success strategies as they align with the Momentum Framework: Purposeful Choices, Transparent Pathways, Productive Academic Mindset. Specifically, we are hoping to learn what strategies and activities have been most and least effective in your context and why?  Furthermore, describe how your institution has adjusted your completion activities over the past year and your plans for the coming year, especially if some of this work will change in response to the COVID –19 pandemic.

Section 3.2 Follow up from Momentum Summit III - “Campus-Wide” Momentum Approach Activities (Beyond the Classroom)

Discuss where your campus is on the work and institutional activities from Momentum Summit III.  Briefly discuss strategies that impact student success “beyond the classroom.” For example, discuss strategies that your institution is implementing on improving student success through financial aid, student life, housing, and career services, or in other aspects of your cross-campus work.

Please describe what work has been done, what activities are underway, have changed (especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic), and have been placed on hold? If you have early results to date, please let us know.

Section 4: Student Success and Completion Team 

Please provide the names and titles for the individuals on your campus responsible for implementing, monitoring, and evaluating your Student Success and Completion

No Limits on Strategies; Reasonable Limits on Length

Institutions are not limited in the number of strategies they may report on, but we do ask that institutions provide sufficient reporting to give a meaningful sense of what is underway on campus while focusing on those activities that are both high impact and high priority. We encourage you to be mindful of the intent of the Updates to highlight work that you are doing that has potential to improve the capacity of campuses across the system.  Each activity or strategy should be reported separately.  Activities that fall under a common goal or functional area can be arranged together, but each discrete strategy or activity should be discussed independently where possible. 

While campuses are encouraged to report on as many strategies and activities that meet the criteria of being high priority and high impact as necessary, we are encouraging limits on overall reporting.  We ask that institutions limit the length of their updates to no more than 15 pages, not counting appendices. If you find your report runs longer than this, please contact us.


Campus Plan Strategy Surveys should be completed online.  Narrative reports may be submitted beginning June 1 here as a Microsoft Word file.  Files not submitted through the CCG website should be sent via email to  Questions on your update can be directed to Jonathan Watts Hull at, 404-962-3129.