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Innovation and Incubator Grants from the University System of Georgia

The Power of Analytics: Delivering on the Promise of Education

Valdosta State University


Grant Type: 
Project Lead: 
Brian A. Haugabrook
Chief Information Officer
Other team members: 
  • Andy Clark, Middle Georgia College
  • Alicia Roberson, Director of Centralized Advising, Valdosta State University
  • Barrie D. Fitzgerald, Director of Institutional Research, Valdosta State University
  • Keisha Roberts, Data Warehouse Information Analyst, Valdosta State University
  • Dani Sutliff, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, South Georgia State College
Project Overview: 

The use of analytics in higher education has not been adopted as a standard.  This is often due to the complex information resources and unique customizations at each institution.  Technology and personnel costs often present roadblocks for many institutions where resources are already stretched.  The power of an analytical platform based on USG information systems will provide a cost effective and out-of-box solution that all of our institutions can benefit. This symposium will outline a collaborative framework and demo solution for analytics that can scale.  We will also provide a framework that allows institutions to incorporate their unique business processes.


The results of this symposium and proof of value solution will demonstrate the ability to create a standards based platform for analytics that can be used throughout the University System of Georgia.  It will also highlight the financial value of this approach results in an 18 – 24 months ROI statewide. 

Project Description: 

The adoption and use of analytics is a strong indicator of success in almost all private industries. Many higher education institutions still lack the ability to provide data insights and incorporate business intelligence in daily operations and academics.  The major challenge facing institutions is the variety, velocity, and veracity of data across many information resources.  Purchased and outsourced analytical solutions often address one of many business processes leaving major gaps in a comprehensive data-driven enterprise.  A comprehensive analytical platform will enable an institution to derive analytics across Banner, D2L, PeopleSoft, ADP/HCM, and internal information systems.

This symposium will include a collaborative discussion from campus leaders and technical experts on business intelligence in higher education.  Participants will identify the common needs across USG and the unique needs each institution faces in using analytics.  Technical experts will discuss the use of a common data framework that is flexible and can be leveraged across many reporting tools.  Institutions currently use a variety of reporting and visualization tools. Providing a data framework that can be consumed by existing campus technologies allows faster consumption of analytics and less disruption to existing business processes.

The third major goal of this symposium is to identify strategies for ongoing collaborations and sharing of best practices.  The regional CCG meeting identified this as a high impact practice.  An online community for analytics and business intelligence will allow a faster adoption and better partnerships. This will also allow institutions with fewer resources to quickly leverage innovations from around the state. Creating a community of analytics within the USG will establish Georgia as a national leader in this field but more importantly help graduate more students.