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Transient Student Policy

Informational Webinar:

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Challenges facing USG students attempting to temporarily take courses away from their home institution were initially brought to the Complete College Georgia Policy Committee in July 2014 as the result of multiple conversations with campus administrators. In recent months, the issue was discussed by the Regents Advisory Committee on Records and Admissions and proposed for review by the University System Leadership Council.

 These discussions focused on the need for additional clarification of the responsibilities of institutions and students throughout the transient process, and increased consistency in information shared with institutions on course registration and equivalency. The goal of the policy and procedure review was to address these topics and provide general guidance for institutions to incorporate into their processes to strengthen communication between campuses and assist students by clearly outlining the steps and requirements to register for transient courses.

 Registrars, advisors and System Office staff met to review the current transient student process and discuss opportunities to provide general guidance that will make the process easier on students and offer more consistency for administrators, especially for institutions with a high number of transient students. By creating a more seamless process, students will have greater access to transient courses and can help with degree completion.


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