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University of North Georgia-[node:field-date:custom:Y]--Entirely Online Courses

Strategy/Project Description: 

UNG continues to increase the number of courses offered online, while ensuring the quality of these courses by requiring all online courses to undergo a Quality Matters review.  To expand these opportunities more rapidly, and to strategically target its own course development resources, the institution became an eCore affiliate in spring 2014. Students who enroll in eCore courses can earn a two-year Associate of Arts or Sciences degree or fulfill the first two years of their general education requirements of the baccalaureate degree. This strategy promotes student success because students can take courses conveniently on-line without interrupting their college careers due to a lack of available courses on campus or a lack of resources. UNG hired an eCore advisor to serve as a single point of contact for eCore students and to contact and assist at-risk students. We have also implemented Smarter Measure as an orientation and readiness screening tool to help students be successful in their online courses. Smartthinking is a service that provides online tutoring to students 24 hours a day. On-line students have received over 800 hours in tutoring services since fall 2014