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HERO Mental Health Campaign (Georgia Southern University-2023)

Strategy/Project Name: 
HERO Mental Health Campaign
Momentum Area: 
Strategy/Project Description: 

As part of the Mental Health Initiative by the University System of Georgia, the Helping Eagles Recognize Distress and Offer Support was created by a collaborative effort involving the Counseling Center, Athletics, Human Resources, Office of the Dean of Students, Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Office of Student Wellness & Health Promotion, University Communications and Marketing, University Housing, and University Police. 

Activity Status: 
Evaluation/Assessment plan: 

Evaluation Plan and measures: JED standard review plan

Baseline measure: accessibility and distribution to stakeholders

Goal or targets: 100% distribution to faculty, staff, and student leaders

Time period/duration: Each term/academic year.

Progress and Adjustments: 

All hard copies were distributed during years 1 & 2. The HERO folder is now available to the entire campus community online at students/ Student-specific modules regarding the HERO folder were also created and are available in Folio. We have regularly scheduled injection pages providing support reminders for students during high-stress periods during the term

Plan for the Year Ahead: 

Further refinement for stakeholder engagement through targeted subcommittee, and additional marketing. The JED team has been working to update the resources for the HERO folder with the goal of reprinting hard copies for distribution and updating online HERO folder resource

Challenges and Support: 

Cultural aversion to open conversations about mental health. Additional funding for next printing given that the USG grants are no longer available.

Primary Contact: 
Jodi Caldwell, JED Campus Planning Team Chair/Counseling Center Director